March Under an Empty reign,
Donna Uchizono performance @
Joyce Theater, New York

October 10-13, 2018
In collaboration with New Affiliates (Inflatable consulting and fabrication)
Joyce Theater: event link

All photographs by Jesse Seegers

Inflatable Simulation with Clo3D


Oneohtrix Point Never
Park Avenue Armory
Presented by Red Bull Music Festival

Large Black inflatable stage set sculptures for musician Oneohtrix Point Never (0PN)’s M.Y.R.I.A.D. concertscape at the Park Avenue Amory in New York City. The black polyethylene volumes were metaphors for humanity’s ecological problems, always there, but only noticeable until it is too late to address them.

“Nearby were deflated black inflatables, looking like giant garbage bags, that would symbolize looming environmental disaster.”
    - New York Times Review



In collaboration with Brook Landscape

The Oasis installation imagined a hidden garden space within the context of a design fair packed with visual stimulation, providing a calming respite. The three independent inflatable volumes were oriented to create a twisting decompression chamber that revealed a mossy green garden on the interior courtyard. The interiors of the inflatables were left intentionally empty, functioning like a visual palate cleanser between the many designed objects on view at the fair and the calm solitude of the interior oasis.
Collective Design Fair Clarkson Square North
New York, NY

March 10-13, 2018

Scale: 800 sq ft

Design Process, Physics Simulations, Outtakes

SOPHIE Inflatable


Inflatable for musician SOPHIE live performance, with FLUCT

Febuary 9th, 2018 @ Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY
March 11th, 2018 @ HEAVEN, London

Lightning Cloud

This performance hall for a festival of over 100 artists and musicians hosted musicians and artists’ performances in a free festival at the outdoor music venue Merriweather Post Pavilion. Artist Doron Sadja performed an ambient electronic audiovisual performance Standing Waves, musician Miho Hatori’s band NEW OPTIMISM performed, and Washington DC-based DJ collective 1432R finished with a dance party. The structure was illuminated with projection-mapped visualizations by Nitemind.
A Night of Art + Technology
October 7, 2017

Location: Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia MD

Size: 2,800 sq ft
Capacity: 200

Produced by:
Wild Dogs/Ken Farmer  & Caroline Maxwell Assistants: