Speculative Design, 2012

What happens when architecture becomes purely a vehicle for the creation of capital?

GOM is a new type of city built by the protocols of the market, which ignores use value, and instead converts symbolic value to exchange value.

People question where it is and if it exists at all, but everyone is forced to acknowledge the trillions in it has created, and the wealth that GOM traders have amassed by building speculatively; buying and selling space in the city as commodity to be profited from, rather than a poly-nucleated network of local communities for humanity to live in.

GOM is sited in a context between the fiction of money, architecture's perceived value within society through the mediated image, the birth of cryptocurrency, and the Naughties.

GOM Trading Interface

Live agent-based Processing script within 2D Trading Interface;
Representation of emergent 3D “city” built by hyper capitalist market logic

Film Stills

Exploring the everyday lives of citizens under the GOM regime, the lives of the GOM traders, the philosophical underpinnings of the ficiton of money (Graeber) and the nature of the gift (Mauss) and the physical instatiations of a “virtual” market-as-city.

GOM Screen/Audio Tests


1929 Edition

GOM Worm’s Eye View
(Charli XCX edit)


Performing Architecture was a one-day symposium, bringing together significant theorists and practitioners in the fields of architecture and performance and inviting a broader engagement with the artistic and academic community. In parallel with the art world's return to performance and a renewed search for architecture's social and political relevance, this symposium seeks to move beyond disciplinary hegemony in the dissemination of architecture today.

Pedro Gadanho (MoMA) and RoseLee Goldberg (Performa) explored questions of political and aesthetic representation in their respective curatorial practices. Vito Acconci (Acconci Studio) and Jill Stoner (UC Berkeley) engaged the hermeneutics of performativity in the critical and material destructuring of space. Artist Mary Ellen Carroll demonstrated the performative gesture in her work, and question architecture’s appropriation of the public. Alex Schweder enacted a psychoanalytical architectural renovation in real time. Victoria Øye (Canadian Centre for Architecture), Brynne Hatton (Northwestern University), Carlin Wing (New York University), and Timothy Simonds (Brown University) presented research on the materialization of performance in contemporary architecture. With the issues addressed at "Performing Architecture," we hope to offer lasting provocations to how we think of the body, space, structure, and design in the disciplines of performance and architecture - and somewhere between the two. 

Session 1
Victoria Bugge Øye (Canadian Centre for Architecture)
Performing Architecture: A Theoretical Investigation on the Notion of Performativity

Brynn Hatton (Northwestern University) Silent Shout: Photography, Iran, Women and the Rooftop: 1953, 1979, 2009

Carlin Wing (New York University) Hitting Walls v.XX: The Performance of Limits

Timothy Simonds (Brown University) The Architecture of the Burrow

Session 2
Pedro Gadanho (MoMA)
RoseLee Goldberg (Performa)

Session 3
Vito Acconci (Acconci Studio)
Jill Stoner (UC Berkeley)

Liz Diller (Diller Scofidio+Renfro, Princeton)

Artist’s Talk
Mary Ellen Carroll

Psychoanalytic House Renovation
Alex Schweder

Closing Remarks


Organized by: Mei Lun Xue & Jesse Seegers

Graphic Design:
Jesse Seegers

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Förestäliningar i Samarbete
(Performances of Cooperation):
an Econo-Community for Tensta

Competition Proposal, Oslo Architecture Triennal 2016
with Atelier Heyman-Hamilton (Malin Heyman, James Hamilton)

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Marfa Masterplan

Art Preservation, Restoration & Transportation (APRT) masterplan, 2011

Organization for Spatial Practice (OSP)

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